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Patient information

Expert care right in your community at Amery Hospital & Clinic

We’re proud to be a space for healing, caring and solace in Amery and the surrounding community. At Amery Hospital & Clinic, we take being one of the best hospitals in Wisconsin seriously. To do that, we focus on offering our patients “more” – more care options, more comfort and more privacy. From the moment you check in to the moment you leave, your care is our top priority.

Our amenities

Recovery is easier when you’re comfortable. We designed Amery Hospital & Clinic with the needs and comfort of our patients in mind. Whether you need your family by your side, want a quiet moment alone or are looking for a salty snack, we have you covered. In addition to free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital and vending machines for snacks, our amenities include:

  • Private patient rooms – All our patient rooms come with sleeping accommodations for your loved ones. We also offer room service where both patients and guests can order a meal.
  • Fitness center – Build your strength through rehabilitation or meet your fitness goals at our fully equipped gym. With group classes, personal trainers, a pool and more, we make it easier to include physical fitness as part of your balanced lifestyle.
  • Community walking path – Stretch your legs and enjoy our natural surroundings on our seasonal trail next to the beautiful Apple River. During spring, summer and fall, take in some fresh air and stop to smell the flowers as you experience the tranquil scenery.
  • Rain Garden Café – Looking forward to something nice to eat is one of life’s simple pleasures. Our Rain Garden Café offers everything from a light snack to a hot meal. Vending machines are also available in the café.
  • Non-denominational chapel – The chapel gives you a place to find comfort and a space for prayer, meditation or simply a quiet moment to reflect. It’s available 24/7 so you can visit the chapel whenever you need it.
  • Amery Community Pharmacy and gift shop Amery Community Pharmacy is a pharmacy and gift shop located in the main lobby. Here we fill outpatient prescriptions so our patients have better access to their medications. You can pick up a card, gift, snacks, toiletries or other small comforts for yourself or a loved one. Amery Community Pharmacy is open from Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

When you enter the lobby, visit the reception desk to check in.

Our waiting rooms are bright, comfortable and spacious.

We offer gifts, cards, toiletries and snacks at Amery Community Pharmacy.

Stop by the nurses station for answers to your questions or friendly help.

Patient guidelines

We ask that everyone who visits Amery Hospital & Clinic follows these simple guidelines so everyone’s visit is as comfortable as all.

Visiting hours: Family members are able to visit with patients at any time. The patient decides who they consider family, and we don’t limit family visitors to blood relatives. Non-family visitors are welcome between 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Cell phone policy: Phone calls and video calls are a great way to stay connected with friends and family. You and your visitors are welcome to use cell phones, unless instructed otherwise by your nurse or hospital staff. We also lend tablets to patients who don’t have a device and would like to have a video call with a loved one.

Tobacco and e-cigarettes: We don’t allow smoking or tobacco products at Amery Hospital & Clinic. No one, including employees, can use any of these products on the hospital campus. If needed, patients can ask a nurse for a nicotine patch.

Safekeeping and valuables: For your safety, we ask that you leave valuable items at home. If you need a valuable item with you in the hospital, you may ask a member of your treatment team to keep your valuables in the hospital safe.

Photography and video recording: For the privacy and safety of our patients and staff, we ask that you limit your use of recording devices. Do not take any photos, videos or livestreams of any of the other visitors. Photos, video or livestreams may be taken of our staff only with verbal consent. Please talk to your nurse if you have any questions.

Perfumes and fragrances: For the comfort and safety of our patients and staff, strong odors and fragrances aren’t allowed in the hospital and clinics. This includes use of strong perfumes, body lotions, colognes and essential oils.

Our fitness center

Staying active is necessary for a healthy, balanced life. But learning what exercises work best for you and finding the dedication to stick to your goals takes a lot of hard work. That’s where we come in.

The staff at our fitness center is ready to help you become stronger and more active. Our fully equipped fitness center features a variety of strength and cardio equipment, including a pool, so you can do the exercises you love, regardless of fitness level.

Fitness center location and hours

The fitness center is located in downtown Amery at 220 North Keller Avenue.

Members have access to the fitness center 24/7 with a FOB card. Our staffed hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Fitness center membership

Become a member to enjoy the fitness center long-term, or buy a daily use punch card to stop by whenever you want. Membership is open to the public. Call 715-268-1008 or 715-268-0117 for information about membership and available membership discounts.

Public access to the Fitness Center gym and pool, including 24/7 access, is now open to the public with additional safety measures and restrictions

We remain diligent in protecting our patients and community from the spread of COVID-19. Unlike most fitness gyms, this location offers both patient care services and public access. We must continue to minimize exposure and keep our patients safe. Health and well-being is important, but we do not want to put others at risk. We know this pandemic has been challenging for everyone, so we appreciate your support and understanding.­­ Please continue to visit this page for updates. If you have questions, please call 715-268-1008.

Quality care and patient safety

There is nothing more important to us than providing the safest, highest-quality care for all patients. We’re proud to say that Amery Hospital & Clinic earned the Gold Seal of Approval® for Hospital Accreditation from the Joint Commission, an agency that helps ensure and monitor the quality and safety of patient care. This award applies to all of our locations, including the Behavioral Health Center, Clear Lake Clinic, Luck Clinic, Turtle Lake Clinic, Fitness Center and Wound Healing Center.

We’ve been surveyed by the state of Wisconsin to ensure that we’re following the highest standards of quality and safety. We are accredited by Wisconsin as a Critical Access Hospital.

You can learn more about pricing and quality information by visiting www.wipricepoint.org or www.wicheckpoint.org . If you have any additional questions, contact Amery Hospital & Clinic at 715-268-8000.

Please note: If you are a patient and have a concern about patient care and safety that has not been addressed, please contact a patient representative at Amery Hospital & Clinic at 715-268-0214. If your concerns cannot be resolved, you may contact The Joint Commission, One Renaissance Boulevard, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181.

We are committed to a safe, respectful and healing environment.

We do not allow threats, aggression, abuse, harassment or discrimination toward anyone for any reason. We will take action to ensure the safety of all patients, staff and guests.

Medical records and other health information resources

Amery Hospital & Clinic shares an online medical record system with HealthPartners. You can access your account or create one here.

Here are some other resources that might be helpful to you during your time at Amery Hospital & Clinic:

If you would like us to release your medical information to another facility, please follow the directions on this release of information form (PDF).

If you’d like your care team to verbally share information with family or friends, please fill out the permission to discuss protected health information form (PDF).

If you’d like to request a change to your medical records, please use request the change medical records form (PDF).

If you’d like more information about living wills and advance directives, visit Honoring Choices Wisconsin .

Don’t see the information you need? Call 715-243-3501..

Patient rights

You have certain rights as a patient. It’s important for you to be informed about your rights so you can make sure you’re getting the level of treatment you deserve. Some of your patient rights include your right to:

A safe and secure environment

An interpreter if you have a hearing impairment or do not speak English

Courteous and respectful treatment

Practice your religion or culture

Privacy and confidentiality

Our Notice of Privacy Practices has more information about your rights as a patient.

Open admission policy

It is the policy of Amery Hospital & Clinic to admit and treat all persons without regard to race, color, sex, handicap, national origin or religious creed. Admission requirements and assignments of hospital facilities are the same for all persons. There are no distinctions in eligibility for receiving any patient care services. Hospital facilities are available to all patients and visitors. Individuals and organizations having occasion to refer patients for admission or recommend Amery Hospital & Clinic are advised to do so within the hospital’s policy to provide quality health care to all persons.

We offer free services to help people with disabilities communicate with our team, including qualified sign language interpreters and written information in alternative forms (large print, audio, accessible electronic).

We offer free services to people who don’t speak English or don’t feel comfortable speaking English, including interpretation services and information written in other languages.

If you have any questions or concerns about our open admission and non-discrimination policies, contact the Civil Rights Coordinator at 844-363-8732 or integrityandcompliance@healthpartners.com.